Personal Pain as an Event and not a Master

Spring has sprung in Kansas City and it was a delight to leave the office late this morning for lunch. More delightful than the weather was my lunch companion: Carlton Logan. Although still a young man, Carlton has had a wealth of experiences–many pleasant and many not so pleasant. What makes Carlton brilliant is his ability to glean wisdom from those experiences.

While discussing his life-coaching work, Carlton mentioned something that stuck with me. He said that many people who come to him have had profound tragedy and personal pain in their lives. Some people never get beyond it; they feel that the wrongs they have encountered have “ruined their lives.” Carlton said no matter what the wrong, no matter what the evil someone has lived through–it is an event that happened in the past. It doesn’t control you. To allow it to control you is to make yourself a victim. And when that is the case, there is no hope. There is no future. Carlton admitted he can’t help people with such an attitude.

The people Carlton can and does help are those willing to move forward with their lives. Those willing to make the future better than the present. If you’re looking for a good coach to help you with your life, get in touch with Carlton. Carlton brings the best out of people. He’s a true Brilliance Activator.

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