The Seven Lemons Of Leadership – Episode Three

The Second Lemon of Leadership is A Tepid Team. When a leader’s team is unenthused about their work, days grow long and the joy of leadership quickly sours. This episode of The Seven Lemons Of Leadership explores why teams lack passion and what the leader of the team can do to sweeten the situation.

Brilliance Activator helps leaders uncork the creative power of their teams to develop products and services that delight customers, increase repeat sales, and improve their profit margins. Receive regular insights and information from Brilliance Activator by subscribing to our free newsletter.
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  1. Kevin Cress says:

    Wow, so you are a “Brilliance Activator” now? That’s pretty ballsy! Ha!

    Kevin Cress here…how’s it going these days? Hope all is well with you and yours!


  2. Chuck Dymer says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I believe, and I know you do as well, that teams possess a treasure chest of ideas to improve products, delight customers and improve the bottom line. All I do is help leaders to unlock the chest, to activate the brilliance of their teams. That’s fun––it’s leaders who need to be ballsy.

  3. Dennis says:

    Is “a leader” anyone willing to stick their neck out for constructive change?

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