Six Thinking Hats Experience

Six Thinking Hats Experience –
July 17, 2012

Six Thinking Hats Intensive –
July 17-20, 2012

If youʼve had your fill of meetings that waste time, frustrate you and your staff, and lead to nothing but more meetings – there is an answer. The Six Thinking Hats. This is not a quick fix, band-aid solution or “fad-of-the-month” approach to meetings. It works and will radically transform your teamʼs meetings. Watch the brief video below to learn the benefits youʼll receive from use of The Six Thinking Hats.


The Six Thinking Hats Experience – July 17, 2012

You can read a book on how to play tennis but it’s not until you pick-up a racket and some balls, head to the court and give it a go that you really learn what tennis is about. And if you want to learn how to play tennis well, it makes sense to have a coach teach you the game. So it is with Six Thinking Hats. Reading about the Hats is one thing, using them is another.

During the Six Thinking Hats Experience we’ll minimize the theory and put the Hats to use. We’ll “try them on for size”, so to speak, and apply them to your problems and opportunities. When you’re done, you will have had a face-to-face encounter with the power of this  amazing process.

Your coach through this experience of Six Thinking Hats will be Chuck Dymer, the first person Dr. Edward de Bono permitted to instruct others in the use of the Hats. Chuck’s helped major corporations, small companies and numerous groups in 13 countries on six continents learn and use the Hats. Chuck has done the Hats process with steel companies, hospitals, marketing firms, gold mines, police forces, city councils, banks, computer game designers and countless other organizations. He’s presented Six Thinking Hats to C-level executives and machine operators, managing directors and administrative assistants. Chuck’s done a lot with the Hats in the last twenty-five years; one thing he hasn’t done is lose his passion for how the Six Thinking Hats activate the brilliance of teams that use them. When you leave the one-day Six Thinking Hats Experience, you will be fully able to participate in and contribute to an idea generation session.


The Six Thinking Hats Intensive – July 17 – 20, 2012

If you go through the Six Thinking Hats Intensive, you will personally be able to facilitate a variety of Hats based meetings (for example, problem solving, strategic planning, creative thinking, assessment). The Hats Intensive builds on the Six Hats Experience and will provide you the opportunity to use the Hats in a variety of real-world situations. You’ll learn more about what each of the Six Hats can do, where they’re best used and, most importantly, how to best use them.


Where, When and How Much?

The Six Thinking Hats Experience and the Six Thinking Hats Intensive will take place at The Idea Loft in Kansas City, Missouri. Sessions will begin at 8:30 am and run until 5:00 pm each day.

The fee for the one-day Six Thinking Hats Experience is $997. The fee for the four-day Six Thinking Hats Intensive is $2970. (The fee for the Experience is included in the fee for the Intensive). Fees include workbooks and related materials as well as continental breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and beverages.


Let’s Talk

If either of these sessions are of interest to you, and I hope they are, then let’s talk either by phone or email. You can ask any questions you might have and request any additional information you might need. I can get to know more about you and learn how The Six Thinking Hats can help you and your team.

To begin the conversation, please fill in the boxes below and click on the Blue Hat. Let me know what times would work best to contact you and I’ll do it!


Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate Meeting Time and Money Saver:
The Six Thinking Hats Process

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