Value is creating by bringing things together. For example, a business creates value by bringing capital, equipment, supplies, ideas, and people together.  As Dr. Edward de Bono suggests: “Almost everything that happens may be seen to be the bringing together of things that were not otherwise together.” In effect, value is complex.

But as with too much salt on our food, excess complexity removes value from our products and services. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for things and processes to get out-of-hand. In a world rife with complexity, we need Simplicity.

Schedule a SIMPLICITY workshop for your team.

At the Simplicity workshop you’ll learn how to remove excess complexity from your products, services, or operations without reducing their value. Simplicity goes beyond analytical thinking and introduces powerful creative thinking techniques to help you discover provocative approaches to remove or reduce complexity. Simplicity compliments and gives an edge to LEAN thinking.

During the Simplicity workshop you’ll learn:

  • The Ten Rules of Simplicity
  • The Simplicity Process
  • 13 Tools and Approaches that Enable Simplicity
  • Things to Avoid When Applying the Simplicity Process
  • How to Build a Simplicity Team.

Simplicity doesn’t just happen. It takes a thoughtful approach and co-ordinated work. The Simplicity workshop is a great place to start.

Schedule SIMPLICITY for your team.

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