Lateral Thinking

Here’s the good news: the human brain makes patterns. If it didn’t, we’d have to relearn everything everyday.

Here’s the bad news: the human brain makes patterns and we get stuck in them. We end up doing the same things harder hoping to find new results. It doesn’t work.

Lateral Thinking is a set of techniques that frees users from thought-patterns which no longer work. Like a good recipe, each technique is precise, structured and proven. It gives participants the tools they need to find profound solutions to the stubborn problems and roadblocks they encounter.

At the end of the Lateral Thinking Workshop, participants can immediately produce creative ideas that are superior in quality and quantity in either individual or group settings.

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The Lateral Thinking Workshop is ideal for anyone who needs a structured process for idea generation, concept development, or strategic thinking to challenge the old patterns of thinking that no longer work.

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