30 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes. Not much time. But time enough for a talk that inspires listeners to think of their challenges and opportunities from the perspective of positive possibility.

Here are Chuck Dymer talks that audiences have found inspiring, interesting and informative. Talks that shatter expectations–

  • Two Coyotes, A Dog and a Palm Reader. Why creative thinking and innovation are both revered and reviled; what kills the innovative spirit in too many organizations and how to fix it; how creative thinking can transform your world.
  • *ability Thinking: an introduction. Improve your team’s ability to perform by improving what is typically left to chance or personality–the team thinking process. By shifting their thinking perspectives together a team can dramatically increase its understanding of: the facts about a situation, the situation’s pluses and minuses, possibilities available to deal with the situation and the team’s motivation to take action. This talk transforms thinking into an adventure.
  • Four-Word Thinking. An introduction to and practice with four basic, powerful and fun creative thinking techniques that will take your team forward. Even listeners who don’t consider themselves creative will be generating interesting and useful new ideas by the end of the talk.
  • OakTree! How to turn negative thinking into possibility thinking.

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