The Charge

The Charge provides the raw materials to transform teams and the way they work. During a Charge session, your team tackles real problems and develops an action plan to solve the problems and move forward. They leave refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

Works On Teampower

The Charge is a participatory, purposeful, hands-on, brains-working workshop that makes good teams better, and working teams great.

  • It’s how VISION is created…
  • It’s how new DIRECTIONS are assessed and managed…
  • It’s how a small team of passionate individuals with a single purpose can lead The Charge to dramatic business GROWTH AND CHANGE.

Helps Your Organization Develop It’s Most Important Asset

Revitalizes Teams

Jump starts new teams

Reinvigorates existing teams

Reinvents the very meaning of “Team” for your project

Helps You Through Specific Issues

Mergers and acquisitions.

Blending departments.

Rightsizing, or even supersizing.

Deals In The “E” Factors

  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Effort
  • Excitement
  • Excellence


to your needs, your skills, your unique challenges


through real world experiences!

A Workshop That Works

The Charge is a participatory teamworkshop that delivers LASTING impact. The two days “off-site” at The Idea Loft REFRESH, RENEW, REVITALIZE participants. The workshop provides the raw materials to TRANSFORM teams and the way they work together. They’ll leave knowing that something really NEW has happened. It will show in the WORK AND PRODUCTIVITY the team brings back to HOMEBASE.

Tangible Benefits

  • Establishes a single TEAM PURPOSE.
  • Surfaces core TEAM VALUES.
  • Provides powerful COMMUNICATION tools.
  • Offers creative PROBLEM SOLVING techniques.
  • Provides CONFLICT RESOLUTION models.
  • Delivers ACTION STEPS for attaining goals.
  • Offers systematic follow-up to ensure LASTING RESULTS.


The Charge was a great way to kick-off our team’s project. We had a diverse group of people, many of whom had never worked with each other before and Chuck was able to help them set a common path to a well-defined goal. He modeled use of some of the techniques that we wanted to adopt, and helped the group see how valuable process can be in developing, nurturing, harvesting, and finally implementing good ideas. Equally important was Chuck’s ability to bring this collection of six individuals together into a well-functioning, cohesive team.
I would highly recommend The Charge as a first step for any group starting a long-range project with their organization.
Gunther Brinkman, VP of Innovation and Strategy, Interbake Foods

Getting Started

Contact Chuck to get your team jump started.

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