Exploring the Creative Subcontinent

Whether you’re ready to build an innovative culture or strengthen the one you have, it’s a long journey. It helps to have a guide. Chuck’s been helping organizations explore “The Creative Subcontinent” for a while now (since 1987).  Here are some of the things he’s learned:

  • “Innovative culture” is a verb, not a noun. It’s not a thing but a series of consistent actions and behaviors.
  • Creative thinking is the action that produces ideas. Innovation is the set of actions that makes ideas real (e.g., taking the ideas to market). A successfully innovative culture does both well.
  • Brilliant ideas come from individuals; brilliant innovation takes teamwork.
  • Creative thinking and innovation require leadership and champions; tools and techniques; processes and structures.
  • Profitable innovation is built on focused creativity.

If your organization is good at change management and project management–you’re halfway there. Chuck can help you with the other half. Click here to book passage for your journey to The Creative Subcontinent.

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