Trash Talk

Last week I wrote several posts about the importance of communication between leaders and their teams. If, as a leader, you want your communication to be effective, you need to use the appropriate time, place and medium. Communication doesn’t work if no one pays attention.

I was reminded of this when I went to a glass recycling bin near my home in Kansas City. Here’s a picture of the bin:

In this picture (if you click on it you can enlarge it) you’ll notice that there are several reminders that only glass is to be placed into the bin. No bags, no boxes, just glass! I walked around the bin and counted ten of these messages. Hard to miss.

The scene below was also hard to miss:

Even with ten reminders, some people just don’t get it. Communication, your most important task as a team leader, is hard work. Sometimes you have to recycle your message over and over and over again.

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