Insights and Information Confirmation

Youʼre one step away from subscribing to useful Insights and Information from Brilliance Activator.

Please check your email for the subject: Confirm Your Subscription To Brilliance Activator Insights. Open it and click the confirmation link.

I always double check to make sure I have your permission to send you updates from Brilliance Activator. So I sent you an email with a link to click to confirm that it was you who requested access to the Brilliance Activator Insights and Information.

If you donʼt see the email, it may take a few moments to arrive (but just a few). If it doesnʼt appear soon, you might want to check your bulk mail folder. Your spam filter may have over-reacted and captured it rather than sent it to your inbox!

I appreciate your interest in Brilliance Activator and welcome the opportunity to send you Insights and Information on a regular basis.

Chuck Dymer

Brilliance Activator
The Idea Loft
210 West 5th Street #103
Kansas City, MO 64105


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