Idea Generation and Premature Judgment

Idea Generation takes time. Time to come up with ideas and time to shape them into something useful.

Too often we fail to take the time. We forget that first ideas are raw ideas. Raw ideas seldom fit our parameters or appear as amazing breakthroughs, so we reject them.

Imagine a man wants a garden filled with beautiful flowers. So he plants some seeds and this is what appears…


“This isn’t what I wanted!”

If the man would have only applied a bit more effort and continued to bide his time, he may have received flowers beyond his expectations. But he didn’t and he won’t. He let premature judgment influence his decision-making.

First ideas can turn into great ideas if:

  • we look for and strengthen what’s of value in them
  • we remove as many weaknesses as we can
  • we use additional creativity to shape the ideas so they fit our parameters
  • we combine the ideas with other ideas to form “big ideas.”

Be on the lookout for premature judgment. It’s a brake that stops the flow of idea generation, destroys ideas with great potential, and turns what should be a rewarding experience into drudgery.

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