Who leads the Leader?

Red Herring magazine ran an ad that stated: “Even leaders are led.” It’s a provocative statement. Who or what is leading us? The answer to this question is neither easy nor straightforward. What leads us may not be willed–for example, a person led by a kidnapper. Or what leads us may not be known–for example, a lost child may be led back to his parents by a caring stranger.

Below are some questions to help discover who or what is leading us.

As leaders, are we being led by:

  • an agreed to vision that unites, enlightens and motivates our team?
  • a desire to uncork the creative power of our team to develop better products and services, delight customers and improve profit margins?
  • an urge to filter the demands and distractions that hinder our team from performing amazing and remarkable work?

Or are we being led by:

  • fear of failure?
  • complacency and comfort with things as they are?
  • the need to control all that is done and how it’s done?
  • a lack of self-confidence?
  • the need for admiration and love from the team?
  • hopelessness and a “why bother” attitude?
  • an addiction?

Our choice of whom or what we follow will ultimately determine our effectiveness and success as leaders. Let us lead our teams on a path that’s true and not a red herring.

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