Walking a Labyrinth

The May 15th edition of American Way magazine contains an article about labyrinths: Walking in Circles. I walked my first labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana. Since that time I’ve walked labyrinths in St. James Church in London, England; Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri; Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts; and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California.

The labyrinths I’ve walked are all modeled after the medieval labyrinth found in the famous cathedral in Chartres, France. These labyrinths are not mazes; you don’t get lost in them (at least not physically). They’re unicursal, a single path. There’s one way in and one way out.

The path of the labyrinth twists and turns. When you think you are making progress toward the center you suddenly find your self walking further from it. And when other people are walking the same labyrinth, you sometimes see them coming toward you and then see them walking from you.

The labyrinth is a symbol of the twists and turns of life; a reenactment of every hero’s journey; a walking meditation. A labyrinth walk can be a brilliant journey to better self-awareness.

To find out more about labyrinths, go to http://www.labyrinthsociety.org.

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