The Leader’s Ultimate Time and Money Saver for Business Meetings

Studies indicate that business leaders spend at least 25% of their time in business meetings. Unfortunately, most of those meetings are as exciting as the one below –

Twenty-five years ago I discovered a way out of the “meeting-mess.” I read Dr. Edward de Bono’s book Six Thinking Hats, applied his insights, and experienced improvements in the meetings I ran.

The Hats process changes the dominate pronoun used at meetings from “I” to “we.”  It’s the only meeting technology I know that harnesses the brain power of a group. With Six Hats me-think and group think are replaced with team think. It’s brilliant.

I was so impressed with the Six Thinking Hats that I contacted Dr. de Bono and received his go-ahead to build and deliver a workshop based on his book. I quit my job as a national marketing manager for a software company and started my own training and consulting firm. Because the Hats work for my clients, I’ve never had to look back.

Here’s some of what I witnessed as a result of Six Thinking Hats:

  • A manufacturing firm in southern Missouri used the Hats process to shave $300,000 off their annual electric utility bill.
  • A hospital trust in England used the Hats to coordinate their move from an old facility to a new building miles away. The move was made on time and within the budget.
  • A major city in South Africa used the Hats to quickly and successfully deal with a serious integration issue.
  • The research division of a Fortune 500 corporation used the Hats to resolve a major dispute between management and staff. In less than six hours!

I’m excited to be delivering a Six Thinking Hats Intensive on June 28th through July 1st. At the end of that four day workshop participants will have an in-depth understanding of why and how the Hats process works. (An understanding that will far exceed what can be learned from reading the book). They will have participated in and will have led multiple Six Hats meetings. They will have learned creative thinking techniques they can apply to real problems to obtain spectacular results. They’ll be able to run brainstorms that produce a flood of useful ideas.

If you’d like more information about this Six Thinking Hats Intensive, click here. I guarantee it will be a worthwhile experience for team leaders, facilitators or anyone else seeking to enjoy, rather than loathe, meetings. And if you’re going to spend 25% or more of your time some place, it helps to enjoy it!

I look forward to working with you in Charlotte.

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