Silence is Golden, part two

A few years back I participated in a marketing workshop conducted by Seth Godin. It was held at what was then his business space: a loft north of New York City next to a commuter line. About every twelve minutes or so, a train would roar by and Godin would stop speaking, sometimes in mid-sentence. He told us that he would do that and he was true to his word.

It was one of the best workshops I ever attended. The silent pauses (silence due to lack of speech) allowed time for his words to be digested. It enabled my thoughts to find links with his: to probe them, examine them, and shape them. I received information rather than streams of data.

In our rush to do more with less and cram more activity into every available minute, we do our selves an injustice. Thoughts take time to fully form. Time, silence and self-reflection.

“All men’s miseries,” wrote French philosopher Blaise Pascal, “derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”

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