The Corps of Creative Discovery: on a journey with Edward de Bono

Lewis and Clark were the leaders of The Corps of Discovery–a government team commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. Although their journey took place over two hundred years ago, we too can explore a great territory – human creativity.

One of my guides for this great journey of discovery has been Dr. Edward de Bono. De Bono is the originator of the term “lateral thinking” and is the author of Six Thinking Hats. His techniques and principles can make our lives richer. In the video that follows I explain in more detail the effect de Bono has had on my life…

Click on the following link to learn how you can begin your own amazing journey of discovery –

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  1. Natalie says:

    HAHA! Chuck this was great and the d (bone) 0 paddle for your canoe and your Daniel Boone hat were just hilarious! Thanks. 🙂 nat

  2. Jerry Knoll says:

    Nice endorsement. His work changed my life in some ways as well. Deepening and enriching creativity, new ideas, big ideas, and simply making life more interesting.

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