Leadership Lemonade – five insights to develop better change leaders

An insightful article appeared today in the McKinsey Quarterly, Developing Better Change Leaders The message of the article is that leadership too often overlooks the “softer” skills needed to spread and embed change throughout an organization. Here are some of their insights:

  1. Leaders can’t ask others to change if they’re not willing to change themselves.
  2. Tie leadership training to business goals in a timely manner – provide training when it’s needed and its value is apparent.
  3. Build on the existing leadership strengths that would enable engagement within the organization.
  4. Support the leaders spreading the message of change.
  5. Establish networks of change leaders who share insights, vocabulary and the willingness to collaborate.

The article echoes what I spoke about in episode three of The Seven Lemons of Leadership, the episode about Tepid Teams. Teams won’t whole heartedly embrace change if leadership doesn’t relate what it’s doing to core purpose or fails to “walk the talk.”

Whether you choose to call the skills and actions mentioned above “softer” skills,” they are without a doubt essential skills.

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